• Slab it yourself with Comic Skin openable Slabs!

    Finally, an affordable, high quality, openable comic slab!

  • Each kit comes with a protective centering sleeve, crystal clear slab and three border clips

  • Finished slab!

  • Crystal Clear Backing Boards

    Now see the back of your bagged and boarded book!

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How it Works: Slab it Yourself

all parts disassembled3with comic book

1. Load book into protective centering sleeve
2. Slide sleeved book into crystal clear hard case
3. Snap on boarder clips
4. You’re done! – See Video Review by Geek & Gamergirl

How it Works: Crystal Clear Backing Boards


  1. Remove protective masking from both sides of the Crystal Clear Backing Board.
  2. Slide board into comic bag.
  3. Slide comic into bag with the back of the book resting on the board.
  4. You’re done.

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About Us

Finally, an affordable, high quality, durable comic slab that protects your prized collection while allowing you to open and reopen your slab over and over for your reading enjoyment. Comic Skin slabs were created with a unique easy to open locking system and sized to store easily with your graded slabs. The crystal clear viewing window showcases your collection to shine. No more waiting months to slab your books. Why should your graded comics get all the attention? Comic Skin slabs are available for shipment today!

Graded and Slabbed books have completely changed comic book collecting and revitalized the hobby. They’ve enabled collectors to safely buy and sell books without fear of surprise and disappointment.  In many collections there are books that are valuable both from a financial and sentimental perspective that owners just don’t want to have graded. Perhaps they could not live with the thought of trusting freight carriers with these prized possessions. Or they want to be able to touch, smell and read their books. Or they want to be able to store the books that they treasure but have not had graded in the same manner they store their graded books. It’s for these reasons we created the Comic Skin openable slab.

Now collectors can slab their own books in an easy to use crystal clear slab without the need to ship them across the country and back while waiting several months in the process.

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