Comic Skin was created by comic book collectors so we know how important protection and preservation is to our customers. All materials used in Comic Skin products are selected based on their abilities to protect the books they are enlisted to conserve. The plastics used in the Comic Skin openable slabs and Crystal Clear backing boards are of archival quality and constructed of materials structurally similar to those plastics used by libraries and governmental archives for document conservation.

Comic Skin Openable Slabs

  • Exterior dimensions  L: 12 15/16″ x W: 8 1/4″ x H: 5/16
  • Interior dimensions L: 12.571″ x W: 8.016″ x H: 0.15″ (.02 of the interior height is consumed by the centering sleeve leaving 0.13″ for the book)
  • The inner sleeves come in three sizes
    • Current/Bronze Age: Fits books published in the modern and bronze eras
    • Lilver Age/Thick: Fits books published in the silver age as well as thick bronze and modern books
    • Golden Age Large – Fits books larger than W:10.5″ L: 7.0″ up to W: 10.75″ L: 7.5″
  • Acid free archival quality plastics are used for the inner Sleeve.
  • A third party test lab has confirmed that Comic Skin Openable Slabs block 99% of harmful UV rays as per independent testing
  • The Comic Skin inner cover protects and centers the book in the slab.  The inner cover also holds a 1 x 8″ card with the Comic Skin logo printed on it. This card can be removed and replaced by any similarly shaped piece of paper you would like.
    • Some customers custom print their own headers and include things like graphics, series name, series  number, date of printing and any thing else they like. Others just leave the Comic Skin card in place and others remove the card completely.
    • We offer a self service app (available for both Apple and Android) so you can create your own headers.  See the following link for more info
    • In addition Comic Skin provides a full service option in which you provide the info and we crreate the headers.  See the following link

Comic Skin Crystal Clear Backing Boards

  • The grey sheen in the product picture is protective masking intended to be peeled off to reveal a crystal clear backing board.
  • Acid free archival quality plastics are used for the crystal clear backing boards

International Orders

  • The best shipping prices for Canada and other international destinations is through eBay.  Search for Comic Skin

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Special

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